Halloween Costumes

Lack of ideas for your children’s Halloween costumes? Take inspiration from these 17 easy-to-make ideas.


Halloween Costumes preparation:


  • Bend the pipe cleaners to make antennas and fix them on the head with bars.

The belt

  • Cut a long rectangle in the glittery knit and fold it in half. With two pins, hold the belt formed in the back.

The kimono

  • In the organza, cut a rectangle large enough to cover the entire length of the body and the width of the two arms extended, once it is folded in half. In the crease, drill a hole to pass the head.
  • Keeping the organza folded in half, cut the tissue on each side of the body (keeping close to the body), from bottom to top, to the armpits.
  • To tie the sleeves around the wrists, drill two small holes on each wrist, put a ribbon on them, and tie it.


Halloween Costumes preparation:


  • Choose a shirt and pants a bit too big. You can make him a little belly with some fluff or put a thick sweater under the shirt.
  • Surround the waist with a thick canvas band, ribbon or dad’s belt. Complete with rain boots.


  • With a thin piece of flexible foam, make a cone the size of the child’s head and secure it with a stapler. Staple a length of elastic on both sides of the head to hold the hat.
  • For the goatee, tie white strands of elastic wool under the chin and brush them to give them a sparkling look.

The watering

  • Enlarge the opening of a garden watering can to slip sweets.
  • Cut mushrooms into the foam scraps of the hat and paint them with acrylic paint. Glue them on the watering can with double-sided tape.


Halloween Costumes preparation:

The eyes

  • On an old pair of sunglasses from which glasses were removed, glue feathers of colors matching the costume with hot glue. Cut the feathers to prevent them from exceeding too much.

The body

  • Choose 2 or 3 fabrics of matching hues and patterns in the child’s favorite colors and cut out U-shaped feathers.
  • On a sleeveless jacket or an old V-neck t-shirt, glue the feathers with hot glue in horizontal rows to cover the front of the garment.


  • On two lengths of elastic, glue other pieces of fabric onto the elastic, then overlap each other to form wings. Secure the elastics at shoulder height with safety pins.

The head

  • We can make duvets to our child and slip some feathers.


Halloween Costumes preparation:

The base

  • A long-sleeved shirt, pants and black shoes will do the trick. As the legs of the spider are attached with safety pins, there is no risk of damaging clothing.

The head

  • Cut a thin slice after two noodles of pool.

The paws

  • Cut remaining noodles into nine identical lengths. Thread the pieces on 3 boas, placing three on each side of the body. Tie the end of the boas to hold the pieces of noodles.
  • Pin the boas on the front of the sweater. (Do not use hot glue or cut the boas: the tubes could melt and the boas would break.)
  • With black or thin rope, tie the legs to each other, leaving a length between each; form a ring at the end to put on the finger.
  • Add on the arms strips of extensible fabric of noodle color.


Halloween Costumes preparation:

The machine

  • Choose a cardboard box proportional to the size of the child and remove the bottom. In two sides, cut openings large enough to pass the arms. Cut an opening in the top to pass the head, leaving on each side a band of at least 5 cm which will rest on the shoulders. Fix the top pieces on top of each other with hot glue. Glue a large piece of cardboard on the box, behind the child’s head.
  • Paint the box with white acrylic paint.
  • With hot glue, stick here and there mismatched clothes. Glue a small box of disposable detergent or make one with a box of baking soda.


  • With blue acrylic paint, paint a plate of cardboard or a piece of stiff cardboard. Attach pieces of fabric or mismatched socks with hot glue.
  • Cover with a plastic cover. Glue everything on the front of the box.


  • Dilute some blue acrylic paint in water (1 part paint for 3 parts water). With diluted paint, paint polystyrene balls.
  • Glue the balls on the machine with hot glue. Cut the larger ones in half to adhere to the box.

The headband

  • On a plastic headband or stretch band, glue a small sock and some foam bubbles to the hot glue.


Halloween Costumes preparation:

The head

  • On an orange (or yellow) cap, attach a feather boa with hot glue (or with safety pins or some stitches).

The eyes

  • Draw a black dot with a marker on two styrofoam balls and secure them on the cap.

The paws

  • In rubber kitchen gloves, cut an opening on the wrist that corresponds to the child’s ankle. Wear ankle gloves before putting shoes on.

The body

  • Wrap two boas around the body and attach them to the back of the t-shirt with one or two safety pins.


  • Cut two small pieces of boa and fasten them at the elbows on the sweater with safety pins.


Halloween Costumes preparation:

The cherry

  • Paint a styrofoam ball with red acrylic paint. If desired, sprinkle with red glitter. For the tail, sting in the cherry a green pipe cleaner.

The ice cream hat

  • Fill the legs of a girl’s pantyhose with polyester fill. Wrap both legs one over the other and secure with safety pins, leaving the free size to put on the child’s head.

The cornet

  • In beige (or brown) fabric (polyester and cotton), cut two triangles by adding each one a longer band to go around the child’s waist. Tie the strips to the sides with safety pins. Another option: make the cone with an old brown or beige trousers to dad or mom by opening each leg to the inner seam. Then simply cut the sides into triangles.

The body

  • Stuff the legs of a second pantyhose and secure to the sweater with safety pins.
  • For sweets, cut multi-colored straws into small pieces and fix them to the hot glue.
  • Draw diamonds on the triangles with a brown cloth pencil.


Halloween Costumes preparation:

The head

  • Accessories to choose from. Here, a mask and a snorkel.

The body

  • In the bottom of a cardboard box, cut a round opening for the head. On three sides, cut a large opening, leaving a frame about 5 cm wide.
  • Paint the inside of the box with acrylic paint the same blue as the child’s t-shirt.
  • Print fish found on the internet and stick them on the t-shirt with double-sided tape. Other options: stickers or candies in the shape of fish, which are fixed to the hot glue.
  • Glue artificial algae here and there on the inner wall of the box.
  • Cover the outside with black tape and glue it to the hot glue. Another option: paint the outside of the box.


Halloween Costumes preparation:

The front

  • In non-stretchable lining fabric (approx. 0.25 m) cut twice the number chosen (the age of the child, for example) as well as six large and two small clovers (or other symbol). Another option for the fabric: black felt.
  • Fix everything on a standard white pillowcase with hot glue. Make openings for the head and arms.

The back

  • To reproduce the classic pattern of a card game, glue a piece of checked fabric (polyester and cotton) leaving a border about 5 cm wide on each side. Other options: an old checkered tablecloth or a plastic tablecloth bought at a $ 1 store.


Halloween Costumes preparation:


  • In rigid cardboard, cut out a rectangle with dimensions suitable for the child (here, 35 cm x 50 cm). Cut a hole large enough to pass the head, off-center so as to leave 5 cm more in front.
  • Glue two strips of fabric scrap upside down on each side of the opening (to be tied under the armpits of the child to hold the table).
  • On the other side (at the place), glue a plastic checkered tablecloth with hot glue.


  • In a large oval plastic plate, cut a U-shaped opening a little wider than the child’s neck.
  • Stir in several lengths of kitchen string and paint them here and there with red acrylic paint.
  • For dumplings, paint styrofoam balls with brown acrylic paint.
  • Fix spaghetti and meatballs to the plate with hot glue dots.
  • Tie a small bundle of strings together and stick a ball. Fix it in the hair with a hairpin or a hairpin, or stick it all on a headband with hot glue.

The cover

  • With hot glue, stick on the tablecloth some plastic utensils and a paper towel.
  • Cut a bottle of water in half. Use the top as a vase and insert a stalk of silk flowers. Paint the bottom of the bottle with white acrylic paint to mimic a glass of milk.
  • Glue the vase and bottle with hot glue.


Halloween Costumes preparation:


  • Gray trousers and sweater
  • 2 wine bottles in cardboard
  • Piece of silver leatherette with a length of 0,50 m
  • Yellow or neon fabric scarf or felt square
  • Roll of black adhesive tape about 7 cm wide
  • Rigid interlining piece with a length of 0.50 m
  • Black laminated vinyl piece 0.25 m long
  • 2 flashlights
  • Aluminium foil
  • Knee
  • Cardboard cutouts, hot glue, color tape (optional), safety pins, scissors, thread and needle.


  • Remove the bottom and the cord from the bottle holders; cover the cylinders obtained with leatherette and fix it to the hot glue.
  • In cardboard scrap, cut four triangles, the width of the base equal to the diameter of the cylinders; cover with leatherette.
  • Incise the tip of two triangles and the base of the other two to the center. Assemble the triangles two by two by sliding them into each other, then stick them to one end of the cylinders.
  • Cut a dozen triangles into the yellow fabric and glue them to the other end to mimic the fire. Decorate with colored tape or fabric scraps.
  • Fold the black tape in half lengthwise (sticky sides together), make three strips about 0.75 m. Fix the bottom of the flares on one of these strips with hot glue, separating them by about 10 cm (this will be the belt). Fix the other two bands from the first band, as straps.
  • With hot glue, attach a rocket to each shoulder strap. Fasten the belt around the waist with a safety pin. Pass the straps over the shoulders and fasten at the front to the waistband.

The epaulets

  • In the interlining, cut two triangles whose base is equivalent to the measurement of the round of the shoulder. Cover with leatherette and close with a small stitch.
  • Attach the shoulder pads to the shoulder straps with a safety pin so that the child can put them on.

The sweater

  • Cover with leatherette a square interlining and decorate with the initial of the child carved in the fabric scraps. Secure to the sweater with safety pins.

The armbands

  • In black vinyl, cut two pieces of the length of the forearm and wide enough to wrap the arm (the edge placed on the wrist should be slightly narrower).
  • Cut two pieces of interlining along the length of the forearm and a width equal to 10 cm more than the width of the forearm. Cover with leatherette with hot glue.
  • On each, make four incisions of 5 cm: two to about 5 cm from the top and 5 cm from the sides, and two others 12.5 cm lower. Insert a leather band 5 cm x 12.5 cm into each pair of openings as a strap.
  • Slide flashlights under the straps and secure them to the back with hot glue after cutting the leatherette excess.
  • Glue these fixtures to previously prepared vinyl pieces, directing the flashlights toward the narrow edge.
  • Roll in cuff shape and secure with hot glue.

Knee pads

  • Cover the front of the knee pads with aluminum foil.


  • For each leg, cut a piece of stabilizer corresponding to the length of the knee at the ankle and wide enough to cover the front of the leg (a little wider at the top than at the bottom). Cover with leatherette.
  • Secure everything at the back with hot glue. Decorate by gluing scraps of fabric.


Halloween Costumes preparation:


  • Sweater and tights
  • Rigid interlining piece with a length of 0.50 m
  • Yellow laminated vinyl piece with a length of 0.50 m
  • Marabou feathers yellow
  • Piece of fuchsia felt, 180 cm wide, 0.50 m long
  • Piece of purple glitter polyester with a length of 0.50 m
  • 2 packets of fake hair
  • Cure-pipes the same color as fake hair
  • Thread and needle (optional), scissors, malleable metal hanger, clip, thick tape, hot glue, safety pin and hair clips.

The skirt

  • In the interlining, cut two trapezoids covering the child from waist to knee.
  • In vinyl, cut two pieces of the same shape, but add 2.5 cm at the top, bottom and each side. Fix the pieces of stabilizer on the back of the vinyl pieces with hot glue, then fold down the edges.
  • Glue the two assemblies together to form a skirt, the vinyl on the outside.
  • Decorate the bottom of the skirt with the marabout by fixing it with hot glue.
  • Open on the back sufficiently for the child to put on, then pin to adjust.

The Cape

  • In the felt, cut a trapeze large enough to cover the back of the child; the piece must also have, on the narrowest edge, a strip 7.5 cm wide enough long to tie the cape to the throat.
  • Decorate with scraps of fabric attached to the hot glue.

The sweater

  • Cut out a square of felt, then decorate it with the initial of the child carved in scraps of fabric. Secure with hot glue or sew on the sweater.

The armbands

  • For each cuff, cut a piece of felt from the length of the forearm and wide enough to wrap the arm (the edge on the wrist should be slightly narrower).
  • In yellow vinyl, cut a strip of the same size, decorate it with glittery cloth strips and glue everything on the pieces of felt. Close with hot glue.


  • For each leg, cut a piece of stabilizer corresponding to the length of the knee at the ankle and wide enough to cover the front of the leg (a little wider at the top than at the bottom). Cover with purple glittery fabric.
  • Secure everything at the back with hot glue. Decorate by gluing scraps of fabric.

The hairstyle

  • Unfold the hanger with the pliers. After a length of 10 cm, shape a spiral 5 cm in diameter; cut.
  • Make a second hair rack and cover the ends with thick tape. Attach to each side of the head using hair clips.
  • Cover false hair by fixing them with pipe cleaners.


Halloween Costumes preparation:


  • Piece of purple polyester velvet with a length of 1.5 m
  • Golden decorative ribbon with a length of 3 m
  • Piece of orange velvet with a length of 0.50 m
  • Elastic 2 cm wide
  • Piece of yellow nylon tulle with a length of 2 m
  • Plastic Crown and Plush Frog
  • Artificial flowers
  • Hot glue, scissors, safety pins, thread and needle

The top

  • In purple velvet, cut a piece the width of which equals that of the child’s shoulders and whose length is sufficient to cover the back and torso to the waist. Fold in half lengthwise.
  • From the fold, cut out on the front a triangle (the tip down) big enough to pass the head. With the hot glue, attach gold ribbon around the neckline.
  • In orange velvet, cut a rectangle big enough to cover the child’s chest, from the throat to the hips. Fix it inside the cleavage with a small dot on each shoulder (it will exceed the size).
  • Put the garment on the child and bring the purple tips of the front in his back (passing them under the fabric of the back). Fix the tips together with a safety pin.
  • In orange velvet, cut two rectangles (on length) large enough to cover each arm. Cut a hole in the middle of the length to pass the arm of the child (this will be the wheel). Once these sleeves are threaded, bring the two thickeners to the elbow and hold in place with a piece of elastic (do not over tighten).

The skirt

  • In purple velvet, cut a rectangle whose length is equivalent to the height of the child from the waist to the ankles and whose width is equivalent to twice his turn of the hips.
  • Fold this width 5 cm and fix the edge with hot glue leaving a slide to insert a piece of elastic.
  • Fold the tulle in half and glue it to the waist of the skirt, leaving about 45 cm on one side. With the hot glue, attach gold ribbon to the front of the skirt. Insert the elastic in the slide, fold the velvet and tie the elastic. Adjust the tulle and secure with a safety pin.


Halloween Costumes preparation:


  • Great white shirt and jeans
  • White permanent pressing fabric 1 m long
  • Canvas shoes
  • 2 pots of acrylic paint: 1 red and 1 dark gray
  • Plush rat
  • Small piece of white cardboard
  • Chef hat
  • Safety pins, scissors, brush and hot glue


  • Fold the collar of the shirt inside. Reserve a 7.5 cm square in the white cloth for the rat hat. For the apron, cut a cord of 7 cm x 1 m. Fold the rest of the fabric in half and slide the cord into the fold of the apron.

The shoes

  • Paint the shoes in red and allow to dry.

The rat

  • Dilute the gray paint in water (two parts of paint for a part of water). Paint the rat, then let dry.
  • Make his hat by sticking the square of white cloth on the piece of cardboard rolled in cylinder, stick it on the head of the rat and fix the animal on the shirt with the help of safety pins.

THE WEREWOLF: Halloween Costumes


  • Piece of black synthetic fur 0.25 m long
  • Elastic fabric of hair color, about 50 cm in length for an adult or less for a child
  • Metal hanger
  • Jute rope
  • Stuffed rats
  • False nails
  • Shirt, t-shirt and old pants
  • Scissors, hot glue, safety pins, pliers, duct tape, black permanent marker

The wig

  • In the fur, cut a rectangle 20 cm wide and a length equal to the distance between the forehead and the middle of the back (through the top of the skull).
  • At both ends, bring the corners towards the middle to form a point, then fix them with hot glue.
  • To make the ears, pinch the fabric in the right place and glue it or pin it to hold it.
  • On each side, drill a small hole in the forehead and another at the nape of the neck, and insert an elastic to hold the wig in place.

The belt

  • Wrap a jute rope around the waist several times, and then fix stuffed rats by the tail.

VICKING: Halloween Costumes


  • Cover the colander with aluminum foil.
  • With hot glue, stick a strip of fur around the edge and a vinyl strip in the middle.
  • To make the horns, form two cones in the brown paper bag, then cover them with rubancache. Fix the horns with hot glue directly on the strainer (remove two circles of aluminum foil in the right places). Glue a small band of fur around each of the horns.

The belt

  • Cut a piece of vinyl about 6 inches wide. Fold both ends inwards, then drill holes with a punch. Lace up with jute rope. The purse Cut a circle in corduroy. Bring the ends in the middle, then tie the purse with jute rope.


  • In synthetic fur, cut rectangles of the desired height, wide enough to go around the calves.
  • Using scissors, drill small holes in the two upper corners. Place the fur around the calves, then put a rope of jute in the holes. Wrap the rope around the calves to the ankles and tie.
  • One thing: to avoid cutting the hair, trim the fur on the wrong side with a razor blade.

MARTIAN: Halloween Costumes

The antenna

  • Twist a small piece of pipe for the dryer. Fix the antenna in the hair with a bar.

The bracelets

  • To get two bracelets, simply cut a metal spiral in half with the scissors.

Fluorescent accessories

  • Form circles with fluorescent tubes (attach multiple tubes as needed) and secure with pins around shoulders, torso or other body parts.


  • In the metal hose for the dryer, cut two pieces long enough to cover the knees (wear protective gloves and use heavy duty scissors). Fold off all edges to avoid injury.
  • Cut the cylinders lengthwise, wrap the knees and secure them to the back with duct tape.


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