5 simple ways to control your temper


We all know that temper is the root cause of many big fights and disputes. Temper is a natural feeling and actually it is an healthy emotion. One can’t get rid of temper. We can only work to control or lower down our temper whenever needed so as to avoid destruction. Uncontrolled anger can pose a great problem for anyone of us , so we should try to practice anyone of the following ways to have a sudden control on our anger. Here are 5 simple ways for the same:-

1. Get some exercise to get rid of temper

Try to practice out any of the physical exercise or yoga asana as physical exercises helps to relieve from stress immediately.

2. Start Laughing

Laughing is the best medicine for any of the problems. So, whenever you feel like your anger will destroy everything , start giggling or laughing even louder as the louder you will laugh , more easily you will lower down your anger.

3. Don’t hold a grudge

Always try not to keep negative feelings for someone, no matter what has happened. Positive feelings give rise to a lively and healthy atmosphere. Forgiveness is something which will not make you small rather it will handle the situation for the time.

4. Take a timeout

Whenever you feel like you are having really stressful day , then try to take short breaks from your work and practice those things, which make you happy, in that break.

5. Practice Relaxation skills

A study shows that in times of strong anger, people use to take deep breaths, repeat calming phrase like “Take it easy” and this really helps a lot to relieve from stress and anger.

So, these are some of the ways through which you can make your worst situations look a little better and you can really avoid your biggest disputes , which in turn leaves everyone in stress and is not useful in any of the grounds. It is in our hands how we handle every situation in our life. The roads maybe difficult to move but not impossible in any case.


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