5 things men post on Instagram that turn women off

5 things men post on Instagram that turn women off.  According to the survey conducted by Pubrevive, let’s take a look at more statistics, so you can post on social networking websites accordingly:


1. Selfies


28% percent of women hate it when a man post selfies on Instagram.


Said a girl, to be honest, I don’t know why this is. Something about seeing a selfie of your face just makes me feel there’s something very feminine about you. She further added I know, that’s a sexist thing to say, but whatever.


2. Gym pics


Alisha said “God, I hate it when boys post their gym workout pics showing how much they made over the past time”. It seems 38 percent of women also hate gym clicks.


3. Use of trending hashtags


23% percent of women aren’t fans of these, like #WCW, #TBT, #FIFA, #FREAK etc.


Women desperately hate it when boys add irrelevant hashtags with their pics making the caption look like a hashtag paragraph. So you should avoid using irrelevant hashtags and make it clean and simple.



4. Pictures of them partying


It looks like 27 percent of women don’t want to see you turning up at the club or at a beach party or something. This is surely a turn off.


A girl said, it makes it seem like I’m looking at a guy who isn’t “husband material” if he’s out doing and consuming drugs.


5. Pictures of them showing off their body


As beautiful as your biceps might be, 48 percent of women aren’t into seeing pics of them. Dude you are here to post pictures of you, this is probably not a social network where you have to show how much you developed yourself through gym so try to avoid such things to make things simple.


Whenever I see a guy showing off his topless pic, I automatically assume he’s insecure in some way for doing it.



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