Google: Andromeda


Google is looking to introduce a new laptop which will run on the “Andromeda”. Andromeda is a fusion of chrome OS and android. Google is no stranger as far as the laptop hardware , having introduced Chromebook pixels in the past years.

According to the Android Police the laptop is probably going to be called as “Bison” and informally as a “Pixel 3” laptop . It will be in the market by the second quarter of 2017. Since the inception of Chrome OS, it was  pretty much obvious that Google is soon going to combine Android with it somehow.

The laptop is reportedly going to be a ultra thin one and is probably going to come with a Intel m3  or  intel i5  core processor and 8/16 giga bytes of memory and 32 or 128 giga bytes of storage.  The price will be around $799.

Some of the other exciting features are going to be USB c- ports. finger print sensors, wacom pen, 3.5 mm of audio jack, a battery that will last around 10 hours, quad microphones, backlit keyboard, stereo speakers and glass trackpads.

The made by Google event on October 4 is primarily going to disclose everything. We’ll just have to relax and wait for the date.


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