What is better? A harmful, preservative-filled soft drink or a soothing, healthy and delicious beverage? Instacuppa helps you to make nutritional, mouth-watering and focus-boosting recipes anywhere with zero hassle!
Range of products they offer:
  • coffee makers and accessories
  • Detox bottles and accessories
  • Fruit infusers and accessories
Few days before I received their products and I got so excited to try them out. Since then I have been using these daily. I will let you about each product I tried out, from least favourite to most favourite.
InstaCuppa Cold Brew Coffee Maker | Fruit Infuser Pitcher | Iced Tea Pitcher
This is my least favourite amongst all , though it is really versatile. The infuser core is made of a net kind of material. And we can put tea , coffee or fruits in it and further fill the container with cold water. The main reason I don’t feel this is for me because I really don’t drink cold tea or coffee. Also their is no scope of pouring hot water into it because the container is of plastic. But for those who like ice tea , cold coffee and stuff , it is really good.
InstaCuppa Premium Milk Frother Handheld
I really liked this product. The first product I used was this . It is so so so durable. It is operated by battery. It just works perfectly. All you have to do is plunge half way down and power it up. I love the part that it comes with its own stand.
InstaCuppa French Press Coffee Maker
Loved loved loved this . French press coffee makers are known for their hot and flavorful tasting coffee. The filters attached in it ensures little to no grinds are left in your cup. It looks really attractive and the container is made of super quality glass. The only problem I faced was with capacity. I don’t know why I think the capacity is really less or may be I tend to drink a lot of coffee at once.
InstaCuppa Double Walled Glass Green Tea / Detox Infuser Bottle
I really liked the look of this bottle. Also this is made up of high quality glass so one can also make hot detox in it. It is a 2 in 1 infuser as it allows fruit infusion as well as tea or coffee infusion in it. I loved it as a glass water bottle too. It is anti sweat and comes with a thermos sleeve . You get a lot in this product.
InstaCuppa Fruit Infuser Water Bottles
I got both , the polar edition and the normal one as well. This is one product I use daily. Because it can be used as a protein shaker as well. Also it comes with a protein shaker ball , a sleeve and is leak proof. I carry this everyday to the gym . Also it looks really classy and has black details on it. The infuser is made of plastic to add fruits into it. Loved this product.
I would say everybody should give these a try and add some nutrition in their daily life. You can use my discount code MIT25 to get 25% off on your purchase.