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How to watch the launch of the Apple iPhone 8 live?

Apple has everything ready in its brand new corporate building in Cupertino , Calif., To announce the new line of iPhone handsets . It is expected that the anniversary model will be called iPhone X , accompanied by two models with a traditional design . The new design follows others that came on the market in the last year, and that reduce the edges of the screen to the maximum, according to the leaks; would be the first design without the front-button start, and would stop using fingerprints as identification to use an advanced facial recognition system.

The event can be viewed from the Safari web browser from any Apple device with iOS 9 or MacOS 10.11 or later when entering the official site . You can also tune the transmission from an Apple TV and from any Windows 10 PC from the Edge web browser.

The most anticipated day for Apple fans came . The global company of manzanita presents its new smartphones today. For the firm that founded Steve Jobs is essential to be a sales success as they have six quarters of drops and their Android competitors are getting stronger.

Unlike what usually happens, the leaks revealed a lot of information regarding the new devices. One of the most important details is that one of the iPhone will cost around U $ S1,000.

Recent rumors indicate that the Cupertino firm will feature three teams. The 8, the 8 plus and the X. The X will be because in Roman numerals is ten and ten are the years that were fulfilled since the first iPhone? In hours, around 14:00, will be known.

What is said is that the iPhone X comes without a central home button, with a double 12 megapixel rear camera capable of recording at 4 fps at 60 fps and at 1080p at 240 fps, 7 megapixel front camera. In addition to a possible camera for facial recognition, OLED screen 5.8 inches, 3GB of RAM.

The iPhone 8 would be with a similiar design to the iPhone 7, double rear camera with portrait mode, 4.7-inch screen with True Tone technology, 2GB RAM and priced at around $ 649.

The iPhone 8 plus would be like the 8 but with 5.5 inch screen and one more gigabyte of memory. It would cost a hundred dollars more than the cheaper version.

Apple already posted the link but to see the event at the new Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino. For this you have to have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with Safari on iOS 9.0 or later, a Mac with Safari on MacOS v10.11 or later or a PC with Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.

Just hours before the expected launch of Apple’s new features for this year, the characteristics of the new iPhones were leaked.

The culprit of the leak would have been the beta Golden Master iOS 11 , where the report revealed where it will be revealed each of the new smartphones of the company of the block.

As detailed this time will present three models of smartphones, the iPhone 8 in its normal version and Plus and the iPhone X , a luxury edition created in honor of the tenth anniversary of the presentation of the first phone from Apple.

Among the new features that will be the iPhone 8 include wireless charging, a new processor, an improved camera and better resolution screen . In account design will be similar to that of iPhone 7.

The biggest news comes the iPhone X, which will have features never before seen in a device of the company. The team will have the most powerful processor ever had a company cell phone, OLED screen 1125 × 2436 pixels , which is a novelty, since Apple had never equipped one of their phones with this technology.

In addition the iPhone X would no longer have Touch ID, but would surprise with the Face ID , which will work with the front camera, which will scan the face from different angles.

On September 7, Apple presented the expected iPhone 7 to the world in its annual ‘keynote’. Well, it has not been five months since this global launch, and we want to know and, above all, have the iPhone 8. The latest model of the Cupertino house may not have met all our expectations, but are not we precipitating a little? Do not we even expect a 7S, to see if we find anything more than a magnificent camera that comforts us? It seems not, because the rumors are getting stronger and stronger.

What news could bring the iPhone 8?

At the moment, this is what we could expect from the new iPhone 8:

1. Probably not called iPhone 8 : in 2017 marks the 10th anniversary of the launch of the first iPhone, the one with which Steve Jobs revolutionized the world of telephony in 2007. As homage, the iPhone 8 would be called iPhone X.

2. Release Date: Apple’s ‘keynotes’ are traditionally celebrated during the first two weeks of September. However, this year could be carried away by nostalgia and celebrate on June 29, the exact date of the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone.

3. Farewell to the charger: perhaps one of the great ‘buts’ of the iPhone 7 is the slot of its charger. Or rather, there is only one slot in the whole phone, which forces you to buy an adapter if you want, for example, to power the battery and listen to music, for example. Well, different blogs say that the iPhone 8 (or iPhone X) could be charged inductively simply by placing it on a loading surface (something that has been doing Samsung since 2013, although right now are not the best example in terms of batteries is concerned ). Some go further and look at the load with radifrecuencia as the great novelty of the new terminal of Apple. Can you imagine carrying the mobile in the bag, and charging only when entering the specific coverage area?

4. The size does matter: and so far if the screens of the iPhone had 4.7 (normal version) and 5.5 fleas (version plus), the new iPhone X could launch with a screen of 5.8 inches, the largest model manufactured by iPhone to date.

5. And the screen, too: it seems that one of the great new features of the new iPhone will be its screen, as it seems that in addition to being a full screen (no borders) will be curved, OLED and with 4K resolution, on a bet clear by approaching virtual reality applications.

6. Complete finish in reinforced glass. Yes, they say that Apple wants to change the aluminum (and its elegant finishes) from the back for those coatings that we saw on the iPhone 4 and 4S and that so many sleeplessness caused us every time the phone fell and we had to pay a fortune to the technical service. Commercial strategy? Can. We only hope that the materials have evolved since 2010.

7. What we can expect from the new camera: The camera was the breakthrough of the iPhone 7 and it seems that in the new phone development has gone by other courses. Of course, it seems that it will be integrated into the exterior design (it will not stand out in the back) and, again, the dual lens (allowing portrait mode, for example) would only be available in the Plus version this time, it seems, with dual optical image stabilizer.

8. Will the start button disappear? Maybe that circle in the bottom center is one of the great symbols of the iPhone since its first version (even the first iPods), however, could have the days counted. If on the iPhone 7 was passed to the haptic button (simulates the clicks but does not actually move), the next iPhone could, directly, disappear and replaced by a circle that will always be present on the touch screen and you have to press to return to the beginning. Yes, like the one we’ve all had to put sometime when we’ve messed up the start button, but this time serial.

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