John Legend Embarrassed Chrissy Teigen Flashed Privates On AMA Red Carpet

Most ladies would be embarrassed to need to have their privates in plain view for the entire world to see. Be that as it may, not Chrissy Teigen. Turns out the exquisite model ‘was not humiliated one piece’ by her monstrous closet breakdown at the AMAs — however shouldn’t something be said about her significant other John Legend? Discover his response here!
We can’t envision what went through John Legend’s mind when his better half’s high-sliced dress left little to the creative energy on the AMAs elegant celebrity central on Nov. 30. “John thought she looked completely dazzling and hot, and knew there was a slight possibility that the wind may blow in the wrong heading. He knows Chrissy [Teigen] isn’t modest one piece, and if she’s alright, he’s alright”. “She can do no wrong in his eyes. He adores her comical inclination and how she can simply transform an unbalanced circumstance into something interesting.” How sweet!
Chrissy Teigen had her heart set on wearing the smooth dress — regardless of the possibility that it was a bit scandalous to go commando before a huge number of individuals. “Chrissy was not humiliated one piece. She wouldn’t give the likelihood of flaunting excessively much skin a chance to prevent her from wearing her fantastic dress”. Considering the Sport’s Illustrated demonstrate as of late had a child we are excited that she flaunted her body with so much certainty!


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