Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid: Who look best bra-less?

Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid yes we are going to talk about the best friends forever. But when it comes to show off their fans these friends seems to be on the competitor side. As in there is a battle between the too that who looks the best bra-less. What do you think who look more sexy?


These two gorgeous woman took the fashion to a whole new different level they often walk around the street bra-less or step out from home with wearing a bra. No matter how close they both are they adopt different fashion strategies in order to attract more fans.


Is Going bra-less is just for fashion?


Both Kendall and Gigi love to stretch the fashion wider than it’s circumference as the day progresses. Each they they walk around on runway it is pretty much guaranteed that one of the two must be bra-less for at least one of the show during the day.

The things started by Kendall who flashed her nipples walking in a show in year 2014 organised by Marc Jacobs NYFW. Since then Kendall never looked back further. She further went topless at Paris Fashion Week in 2015. She wore a sheer crop top clearly showing that she is bra-less. This defines her mentality that she doesn’t care about what people think of her and she doesn’t mind showing a little of her boobs.


She not even like to go bra-less on street but also love to wear dresses that shows a little of her nipples according to her it looks sexy as well as a fashion style. No doubt Kendall is the fashion icon for women. She also comes into picture when she posted her bra-less top pic on Instagram people commented like Kendall loves to leave her bra at home. She told  the W magazine in a recent interview that she likes her “tits being out.” This was not the only time she showed her nipple rings. Watch the video to have a glimpses.


Whereas Gigi is no less when it comes to show her stuff just like her best friend forever Kendall, Gigi also loves to go bra-less on the street. Gigi has wore bra-less tops for numerous fashion shows. Furthermore she doesn’t hesitate to go bra-less for photo shoots and even on red carpets. This shows that both the friends are quite bold when it comes to fashion and never disappoint their fans.


In 2016 for Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Gigi made her fans jaw drop as she was wearing a black cutout gown. The gown was designed in such a way that there is no possible way in which she could wear a bra and making the crowd amazed by her looks.



Apart from the shows Gigi and Kendall are often caught by the camera on the street where they step out wearing no bra. It seems as if both of them love to wear such bold dresses to attract the crowd and at the end it turn out to be a fashion trend for the fans. What do you think who looks more sexy with no bra on. In a dilemma right?


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