Lace up top to kick off a week of fun and fashion

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Lately I’ve been seeing lovely lace tops around the internet, and it occurred to me that I could make one using this lace I’ve had in my stash. So I’ve been trying to decide what to do with it ever since. To kick off a week of fun and fashion I thought I would share with you a little before & after – taking a simple black dress and turning it into something different, special! If you haven’t noticed lacing has been everywhere recently, I have to say I’m loving the whole 70’s vibe! This is the first of two ways to add some laced detailing to your dress/top/whatever, and it wasn’t too hard either!
so lets get started,

what you need:

  1. any top (plain tee)
  2. scissor
  3. lace
  4. hot glue gun or fabric glue
  5.  marker

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step one:

Cut along the line. If you are going to the waist seam cut all the way down, otherwise cut to your chosen depth. make your top half from the neckline and mark the line to how low you want.
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after cutting your top this is the way it will look and take your top upside down.
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Mark the  points with your chalk glue the edges and then mark the points where you want your loops to be.
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Cut small sections of leather cord.
TAKE 2 inches loops and hot glue them from one end to another.
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step 5:

Once the loops are in place, take your cord and start by weaving from the bottom criss crossing through the loops from side to side.
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i made this with another top too, with not so low neckline.
i hope you guys have fun watching this and i did not make it too complicated.
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