Market welcomes Apple Watch OS 3


Apple Watch is available in the market now, for the tech freaks to try it out.  This time the focus is more on the mobile OS. Apple has done a lot to research to take good care of the problems that were in the Apple watch OS 2. A lot of improvements have been done in order to make it a success. But as always, all of it comes at a hefty price. Here are few things that i personally liked:

  1. Overall UI Enhancements:   The main problem with the  earlier versions of the watches was that in order to get a information you need to tap a little more. The solution to this problem is actionable watchfaces. They turn on automatically just when you look at the watch. Almost all of the apps running in Iphone can potentially be in the watch too. A dock option is also given so you can easily switch to the  apps, you need the feel to use most. The loading time of the apps looks better too.
  2. Siri : The new Apple watch definitely increases the use of the Siri. With the overall enhancements in iOS 10, the watch has been made better too. Now you can reply to a message using siri and that  too very smoothly.  You can take a call while running  and can even try to be little social.

The new watch is yet to arrive in India but is surely to be better than the previous watches. It even has a better processor. With the advancements in technology, the watch is only going to get better and faster with the days.


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