Secret to Resolving Relationship Conflict

Relationship’s biggest secret finally revealed.


What is it that keeps the relationship going? Some magical ingredient? Or some special spell and sorcery?


I’ve often seen two people fall in love. The interesting thing to observe is not the falling, but the speed by which they turn off their brain to give heart an extra fuel to function in the falling.


Just like Nitrous Oxide System or NOS provides large amount of horsepower, the heart turned-on and brain turned-off creates strong attraction between individuals. The major problem of using nitrous oxide is that it can produce enough power to damage or destroy the engine, in this context, the relationship between the two individuals.


So what should be done and how can we keep a relationship from losing it’s spark?

1. Listen


It’s very important to listen to your partner. Listening is very different from hearing words. Listen to what they have to say about things. Sometimes, they may speak things which may not seem trivial, yet, pay close attention to it cause everything that they say mean something to them and will only help you sort stuff out.

2. Understand


One of the main things that we often forget to practice is “walking in someone else’s shoe”. You might have a valid point but did you try to perceive the situation from your partner’s point of view? Everyone has a way of perceiving things which is different from person to person and that is completely alright because no two individuals can have exact same personality. But it’s important to reflect upon the situation with other person’s point of view once. There is no harm in following one simple rule- “If my partner did something like this, how would I feel?” If you answer this question in complete agreement with the action to be done then go on.


3. Communicate


Communication is the most vital component of any relationship. It’s essential for two individuals to communicate in order to get their views/opinions reach out to each other, otherwise they can never fully understand the issues that may arise or have arisen.

4. Lose to win


Sometimes it’s okay not to be right or win an argument. Even when you know that you are not at fault, yet, at some point you should back down, put down your weapons and surrender instead of slitting their throat simply because that person means more to you than winning this argument or proving your point right. Don’t hold unnecessary ego just because you know that you were right. Forgive them, apologize to them, lose the battle. And sooner or later, they will come around realizing what their mistake was. It’s not always important to make your partner feel less just to prove your legit point.


  1. I am so proud of you Apoorva and so lucky to have a partner like you , who tolerates me when no one else can ! One of the finest thing i ever read on internet regarding relationships ! Also it looked so huge but once i started reading it …i was so into it. Keep posting stuff like this ! Make the world a better place …to live and love ! I love you ! Once again …keep up the amazing work …you are great at it !


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