“We need to talk”

Hearing these four words from your partner never feels good. Your heart sinks, your stomach flutters, your palms get sweaty, because it’s never we need to talk about what a great relationship we have, instead it’s “we need to talk about the beginning of the end”.


And whether your relationship is great, good or bad, we don’t like endings. We don’t like to lose things and especially we don’t like to lose things that are important to us. Relationships are important to us; it’s the source of all your best memories and it’s the source of all your worst memories.


When you think back on your life, you’re not going to think “I wish I had a better phone” or “I wish I spent more time on the internet” or “I wish I slept longer”, instead you’ll think “I wish I spent more time with the person I love”.


Break-ups give you a Loss of Self

Our relationship builds us, shapes us, sustain us and they can break us too. Break ups often results in loss of self, some part of you loses when you lose someone. All in all, break ups are bad but very often they aren’t as bad as they seem.


Break-ups happen and Relationships Fail
No one emerges from their dating life unscathed. When you’re in a relationship- you’re happy & vibrant person, very much in love, things are going perfectly. But when you break up- you’re alone, sad and disappointed. Things hurt but life thankfully happens on a continuum.


Break-up is like being Paroled

There are good things and there are bad things. So it goes the other way too. Sometimes your relationship isn’t that perfect and it could be improved. And that is when break ups are sometimes good for you, you become this free person and you don’t have this other person to weigh you down with negativity, nagging or asking you to change something about you.


Break-up restore your heart


Sometimes it is a great experience of getting out of that relationship. You’re back to the person that you want to be. Some break ups are worthy of celebration and I acknowledge that it sounds a little counter intuitive. But if you ask someone who got out a relationship long ago about how it impacted their life after the break up, you will find that these people will give you positive response most of the time.

Relationships are good if you’re self-expanding where you grow as a person but sometimes your partner does not grow and is stuck in a rut. Such relationships are pointless to hold on and breaking up is a better solution so that the both of you individually and separately grow as person you have potential of being. When your relationship doesn’t help you be a better person, ending it does.


Break-ups don’t have to leave you broken
Rediscovering of self is important after a break up. Do things that you’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t do it earlier, try new things, go out and explore if you want or just sit down reading books. Do things that make you happy. Treat damage and repair as an opportunity because break ups are something to take advantage of instead of conceal. Break up is going to leave you with cracks for sure but these cracks and imperfections are a source of strength and beauty as you are stronger than you know.


Relationships are Important. Time is Short. Mistakes are Costly.


  1. Wonderful use of words and thoughts . People need to understand this , that break ups are not the end of the world…but like you said …an opportunity to make yourself and know yourself better ! Once again , amazing post.
    Keep Blogging.
    I'll read them all !


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